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Wojak is the first token on SmartBCH that utilises a built in volume based automatic-reward contract that pays FlexUSD automatically into your wallet just for holding. Wojak LP was added to Benswap.cash , Mistswap.fi, Tangoswap.cash and 1bch.com where all LP tokens were burned and sent to a dead address. Wojak was initially started with a marketcap of $300 with only 0.5BCH starting liquidity. We have already donated to some useful services such as Marketcap.cash, Smartscan.cash, Fountainhead.cash and we encourage others to donate to these services too.

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The first token on SmartBCH that utilises
a built in volume based automatic-reward contract.


2% Liquidity

2% of each transaction goes back into the liquidity pool to increase price stability and increase the floor in periods of both buying and selling.

4% Treasury

4% of each transaction goes into the Wojak treasury, this is used for a variety of different purposes such as donations to other SmartBCH services, marketing, team payments and any other contribution to SmartBCH ecosystem in general.

4% Rewards

4% of each transaction goes into the reward contract and purchases FlexUSD, this accumulates and each holder will receive it automatically based on volume or can claim manually by making a transaction with a minimum of 1WOJAK if there is no volume in the specified time period

Maximum Supply: 698008135 (69BOOBIES)
Contract Address: 0x8d7ea0ec6cab515463121a3c70df541f2f534909
Token Name: WOJAK
Ticker: WOJAK
Decimal: 9


Phase 1

• Develop Smart Contract
• Deployment to SmartBCH network
• Website Launch
• Donations to SmartBCH services
• Marketcap.cash Listing
• Add Liquidity & Burn LP tokens

Phase 2

• Strategic Marketing
• CoinMarketCap Listing
• CoinGecko Listing
• Community Meme-Contests & Giveaways
• Create Partnerships with other services

Phase 3

• Centralised Exchange Listings
• Wojak NFT Collection
• Bring other utility and usecase to Wojak
• Dethrone Bogdanoff once and for all

Please remember to manually set your slippage at 12% or above when buying/selling WOJAK otherwise the transaction will fail. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose.